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Course title:

Make a cup and plate

Course description:

in this session, you will be shown two different techniques to make a cup and a plate. These can also be decorated with textures and coloured slips during the session. The pieces made will then be dipped in a white glaze for you after their first firing. 

Work should be ready to collect 2/3 weeks after the session. This is not a guaranteed time scale and can take longer depending on drying time/kilns.

Please be aware things can break in the kiln, it is unlikely but is one of the pitfalls of ceramics!

Please note the potters wheel is not used in this class.


£45 for approx two hours including materials and firings.  2 people minimum required per booking.

Dates available:

These sessions are booked on an ad-hoc basis. Typically I do these on Mondays, Fridays and weekend daytimes. Please select a date from the form and I will get back to you.

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