Course title:

Make A Plate And Bowl

Course description:

In this class you will make a large plate and a bowl using hand building techniques. You will have a variety of clays to choose from to use, ranging from dark grey to a toasty biscuit coloured textured clay. I will also show you how to add texture and patterns to your pieces. The work made will be dipped in a white glaze for you after its first firing and then will be ready to collect. They are usually ready within 2-3 weeks. Alternatively, for a further £20 you can come back for a one hour glazing session and choose from a range of brush-on colours which I will show you how to apply.

Suitable for all levels of experience!


£40 per person. Session approx  2 hours including materials and firings. 2 people minimum required per booking.

Dates available:

These sessions are booked on an ad-hoc basis. Available days are typically Monday, Wednesday and weekend daytimes.

Please state the date you are interested in on the form and I will contact you informing you of availability.

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