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My interest in ceramics began when I took an evening class in pottery aged 17 at the local college in my hometown of Salisbury. I then went on to gain a degree in Ceramics and 3D design at Bath Spa University College, and after that a Masters in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2004.

Since then, alongside being a mum to two boys, I have taken part in various exhibitions and craft fairs, and gained teaching experience ranging from universities to open studies classes.

I now work in my purposely built garden studio in Hertford. The space has plenty of natural light and is a fantastic space to make my work and to teach small group classes. 

My own work is hand built using slabs of clay with slips and textural marks and impressions applied during this making process. I like to work in a variety of clays, and am interested in how these clays transfer their unique qualities and characteristics to the work, allowing me to create groups and families of vessels, building a narrative between themselves.

While the work has evolved to be influenced by the material itself, in the background is a continuing fascination with empty and forgotten old public buildings and structures. The physical and historical layers of these spaces become fascinating empty vessels. In my work I explore this form, looking at the expectations and boundaries of function and aesthetics..

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