My interest in ceramics began when I took an evening class in pottery aged 17. I then went on to gain a degree in Ceramics and 3D design at Bath Spa University, and after that a Masters degree in Ceramics at the Royal College of Art in London.

My work is constructed with an immediate and intuitive approach to the material, which I hope lends a freshness to the work. Decisions on edges and joins are unique to each pot and colour is applied in a similar way, details applied in response to the individual qualities of the piece.

While the work has evolved to be inspired by the material itself, in the background is a continuing influence by an early fascination with abandoned public buildings and the beauty found within the physical layers of history these spaces manifest. The work is loosely concerned with capturing this emotive response through the use of enclosed space and form. More important though is the process of making itself, each piece has a theme, yet is completely individual. 

I work in my purposely built garden studio. The space has plenty of natural light and is fully equipped  with all the equipment I need to make my work. It's also quite a communal space as it is often busy with the students who come to my classes, which makes it a lovely space to work in.

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