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Course title:

 Indoor Planters

Course description:

In this session you will be shown how to create a plant pot for an indoor plant/cactus. Techniques will be shown to help you add your own surface designs or get creative with colourful patterns, the choice is yours!

Work should be ready to collect 2/3 weeks after the session. This is not a guaranteed time scale and can take longer depending on drying time/kilns.

Please be aware things can break in the kiln, it is unlikely but is one of the pitfalls of ceramics!


£35 pp for two hours including materials and firings.

2 people minimum required for booking.

Dates available:

These sessions are booked on an ad-hoc basis. Typically I do these on Mondays, Fridays and weekend daytimes.

Please state which date you are interested in. and I will contact you informing you of availability.

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