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Hand Building Techniques 

Course description:

This course is suitable for all, from beginners to more experienced. Techniques such as slab building, pinching, coiling, press moulding, surface texture, colour and glazing are covered in the five weeks. From here, you are able to develop your own creativity with the material and are encouraged to explore your own interests and ideas. With only 4 to 5 people per class, advice and technical help is always on hand.

Please be aware on booking, that missed sessions cannot be refunded. They can sometimes be swapped to another day within that block, but this is not guaranteed and depends on space in that class.

Please note the potters wheel is not used in these classes.


£150 pp 5 weeks, 2.5 hours per session, including materials and firings.


Dates for next block: 

Mon 19.00-21.30 : 9th Oct  - 13th Nov     Full

(no class 30th Nov) 

Tues 10.00-12.30 : 10th Oct - 14th Nov    1 space

Weds 10.30 - 1.00 : 10th Oct - 15th Nov   3 spaces

Wed 19.00-21.30 :  11th Oct -15th Nov      2 spaces     

Thurs 10.00-12.30 : 12th Oct- 16th Nov    2 spaces  

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