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Course title:

Porcelain Flowers

Course description:

Inspired by the traditional skill of bone china flower making, this course is a fun way to explore constructing flowers in ceramics. The end results will be fired to a delicate white to collect at a later date.
You will make three flowers, with the opportunity to add colour details if you would like to.
These flowers make a lovely addition to a bouquet of flowers, or simply as ornaments in their own right.
A fun workshop to book with friends or family, simply get in touch to arrange a date for your group! 
Please note, there are no pre-set dates for these sessions, they are booked per group at a date to suit you, 2 people minimum.


£35 per two hours including materials and firings. 

Dates available:

These sessions are booked on an ad-hoc basis. Typically I do these on Mon, Wed, Fri and weekend daytimes.

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