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Course title:

Pottery Pumpkins 

Course description:

In this session, you will make either one large pumpkin or two small. I will also show you how to carve into them if you want to add spooky details, they also look fantastic as they are with a beautiful textured glaze* to add to seasonal decorations. 

This session is also suitable for children so perfect for a family activity! (children can also paint theirs in the session)

* I will apply the glaze for you as it needs to be applied after the first firing, however if you would like to do this yourself you are welcome to book in a glazing class at £15pp. 

Work should be ready to collect 2/3 weeks after the session. This is not a guaranteed time scale and can take longer depending on drying time/kilns.

Please be aware things can break in the kiln, it is unlikely but is one of the pitfalls of ceramics!

Please note the potters wheel is not used in this class.


£35 pp for up to2 hours including materials and firings. 

2 people minimum required per booking.

Dates available:

These sessions can be booked on Mondays, Fridays, weekends and school holidays. Please fill in the form stating preferred dates.

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