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Course title:

Throwing Taster

Course description:

In this one hour taster session you will learn the basics of wheel throwing: clay prep, centring and forming. You will hopefully produce your own pot, which will then be fired and glazed for you, perfect if you been inspired by the Great Pottery Throwdown! 

Further pieces can be fired and glazed for £5 each. 

**Please note, I only have one wheel so this session is not suitable for groups, although the hour can be shared between two and an extra £5 will be added on for the extra pot made**.

Work should be ready to collect 2/3 weeks after the session. This is not a guaranteed time scale and can take longer depending on drying time/kilns.

Please be aware things can break in the kiln, it is unlikely but is one of the pitfalls of ceramics!


One hour £50, including materials and firings.

Dates available:

Please choose a date and time that you are interested in from the drop down menu and I will be in contact with payment info.

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